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It is a common question in Airsoft for first timers is what you need to play.

So assuming this is your first time, your hiring our equipment here is a guide of what we would highly recommend you have to make your day as enjoyable and safe as possible.

When hiring we supply the following:

  • Face Mask
  • Overalls (Only supplied at Lane End, for the Outpost wear sensible clothing you don't mind getting dirty)
  • Airsoft Weapon
  • 1 Magazine
  • 3000 Rounds

We would fully recommend that you wear suitable shoes, trainers are ok but not ideal as you really want something with ankle support due to the nature of the sport and the ground you will be playing on.
Our first reply to anyone that asks "What should I buy first if I want to play Airsoft" is BOOTS! A good solid pair of boots that offers plenty of ankle support. We sell a good range of boots in our well stocked shop but you can also find some on our online webshop at http://www.xsiteshop.co.uk starting from £29.99

Also another great buy is a pair of gloves, these cost as little as £9.95 again can be found in our onsite shop or online.

Another very common question we are asked is does it hurt?
Well it can do yes, however we have plenty of younger players from the age of 11 and they play with plenty of enthusiasm, it hurts less than paintball!

The game day will run from 10am (9:45am game brief) so we normally suggest to be on site no later than 9am. This gives you time to book in and us time to issue you with your kit. It normally ends around 4pm but can run a little later in the summer when we have lighter evenings.

We run a mix of different style games from capture the flag to last man standing, however unlike Paintball our games generally keep you in the game longer with unlimited lives, so your nearly always playing and not waiting for the next round watching your friends!

Enjoy the fun! If you have any further questions don't be afraid to ask one of our game day marshalls.





Date: 2017/04/27

Airsoft and the Policing & Crime Act 2017

How does the Act affect airsoft?

From the 2nd May 2017 the Act introduces an exception from the classification for airsoft guns as firearms, so long as they meet certain criteria.

This means that airsoft guns (and it doesn’t matter how they are powered) are not firearms if they are designed to fire a spherical plastic missile that is no bigger than 8mm in diameter and they have a muzzle energy that is no greater than 1.3 joules if they can fire successive shots (often called “full auto”) or 2.5 joules if they can only fire individual shots (meaning either “single shot” or “semi- auto”).

More Information can be found Under "What Is Airsoft" link

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