Practical Pistol Shooting

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Xsite runs practical shooting at several locations, at our Outpost site and every Tuesday evening and some weekends at the High Wycombe and Booker Rifle and Pistol Club indoor range.

Unlike skirmishing, practical shooting is shot against a clock at targets. to simulate combat scenarioes. Each time you shoot, it is on a course of fire, that is never the same and is very dynamic. Shooting and moving is nothing like shooting statyic targets many people traditionally associate with target shooting. The courses of fire vary in length, some very short with maybe 6+ shots and some long with 40+ shots involving several magazine changes. Although you are competing against yourself and the clock, Practical shooting does get competitive, but is still as fun and friendly as skirmishing.

We operate under the international rules laid down by IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation). There are many competitions held throughout the UK and also throughout Europe. Practical shooting is the fastest growing shooting sport and Xsite are proud to be at the forefront of events in the UK.




Xsite are teaming up with Hurricane airsoft in Redhill, Surrey to run, develop and manage a woodland site sitting on 12 1/2 acres of mature undulating woodland.

Hurricane took on the site, but lots of other commitments means they cant concentrate on milsims, which is their passion, so we have joined them at the site to put the development into the site it deserves.

Xsite will be running the site as one of ours, Hurricane will be taking a step back and running a milsim every quarter. A great arrangement for both parties and even better for players.

To start with game dates are 1st and 3rd sunday of the month, once the warmer weather sets in, we will start to introduce Saturday games and a mid week game in school holidays. As with all our sites, any day other than pre-booked game days the site will be available for private hires, the day is yours for either a skirmish, team training or even a themed game. Prices per head remain the same for private hires, we just need a minimum 16 people to run your day

Hurricane already have a day running on the 5th Feb, Xsite and Hurricane will be running the day together and it is nearly fully subscribed. The first full Xsite only day is 19th Feb

Thoroughly looking forward to developing a new site and making it awesome 

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