The Outpost

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It's Based at RAF Edlesborough, a former RAF listening post which has been De-commissioned and is now empty.

The main building is a cross in section, the northern wing is the generator wing, left to right has an open hall all the way through which we have segregated into smaller rooms and fighting alleys and admin block is a unique room to room fighting experience.

There is currently a 16 and over age limit on site, but if there is a call for it we will consider running a young guns day once a month for the over 11's. we will stick up a separate thread to gauge interest and don't expect it straight away, we need to know exactly how the site will play before introducing the younger players to it.

Rentals will be available but will be limited to absolute max 10 per game day unless you are a private hire having the site exclusively.

Renting urban sites is expensive, so the walk on fee will be £35 a day, but that will include food. (£1 discount for members) There will however be free tea and coffee, but please help us out by bringing a mug, it's better for the environment and rubbish. Rentals will be £55, including gun, mask, 3000 rounds of ammo and lunch (please note, hires on this site will not include coveralls or gloves. Gloves will be for sale in the onsite shop)

There will be a full shop on site for game days, not just the bare essentials but guns, cammo, load carrying and all the trinkets airsofters need.

The easiest way to find "The Outpost"

The nearest postcode to the entrance is

The Travelers Rest
Tring Road

Please find entrance black gates on the A4146(Leighton Buzzard- Dagnall road)
Junction with B489 (Tring-ickneild Way)

From the travelers rest, drive 50 meters south down the A416 and the entrance is on your right through a large metal railed gate.
On Google maps, put in he postcode and follow the long drive down to the cross shaped building in the middle of fields, you can't miss it.



Xsite are teaming up with Hurricane airsoft in Redhill, Surrey to run, develop and manage a woodland site sitting on 12 1/2 acres of mature undulating woodland.

Hurricane took on the site, but lots of other commitments means they cant concentrate on milsims, which is their passion, so we have joined them at the site to put the development into the site it deserves.

Xsite will be running the site as one of ours, Hurricane will be taking a step back and running a milsim every quarter. A great arrangement for both parties and even better for players.

To start with game dates are 1st and 3rd sunday of the month, once the warmer weather sets in, we will start to introduce Saturday games and a mid week game in school holidays. As with all our sites, any day other than pre-booked game days the site will be available for private hires, the day is yours for either a skirmish, team training or even a themed game. Prices per head remain the same for private hires, we just need a minimum 16 people to run your day

Hurricane already have a day running on the 5th Feb, Xsite and Hurricane will be running the day together and it is nearly fully subscribed. The first full Xsite only day is 19th Feb

Thoroughly looking forward to developing a new site and making it awesome 

About Us

We are a growing Airsoft company based in High Wycombe but have an ever growing list of Woodland and Urban sites all over the UK!

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