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Please do note that all games must be pre-booked, the term walk on simply means you have the kit to play the game and a fee is to cover the game fee's and lunch that is provided.

If you have not pre-booked at least 24 hours in advanced of any given game day you will not be allowed to play. This is because we have a limited number of players on any one day. From our experience over booking of a site can reflect on the game play and ruin a days Airsofting.

We have three ways to book on.

1. Via the telephone 01494 881430, Tuesday to Saturday 9:30am -5:30pm and Sundays on Lane End game days 9:30am - 4pm
2. Book via the forums at
3. Via the our facebook page in the event for the date you would like to play. Just click join and your added. If you do wish to make a post please do post in the event your booking in to.

Please do not message us, post a public post directly on the page or whisper a member of staff if you happen to be a friend with them on Facebook.
This way we can keep on top of all the bookings and requests that come in. If we have to many people booking in different ways it gets very confusing and causes problems or missed bookings. I am sure you understand this is for the better of everyone. Our site website has the full years gaming calendar too so you don’t miss out or can arrange your skirmishes.



Xsite are teaming up with Hurricane airsoft in Redhill, Surrey to run, develop and manage a woodland site sitting on 12 1/2 acres of mature undulating woodland.

Hurricane took on the site, but lots of other commitments means they cant concentrate on milsims, which is their passion, so we have joined them at the site to put the development into the site it deserves.

Xsite will be running the site as one of ours, Hurricane will be taking a step back and running a milsim every quarter. A great arrangement for both parties and even better for players.

To start with game dates are 1st and 3rd sunday of the month, once the warmer weather sets in, we will start to introduce Saturday games and a mid week game in school holidays. As with all our sites, any day other than pre-booked game days the site will be available for private hires, the day is yours for either a skirmish, team training or even a themed game. Prices per head remain the same for private hires, we just need a minimum 16 people to run your day

Hurricane already have a day running on the 5th Feb, Xsite and Hurricane will be running the day together and it is nearly fully subscribed. The first full Xsite only day is 19th Feb

Thoroughly looking forward to developing a new site and making it awesome 

About Us

We are a growing Airsoft company based in High Wycombe but have an ever growing list of Woodland and Urban sites all over the UK!

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